Will illegal immigrants be offered amnesty after TEXIT?

One of the biggest concerns for Texans continues to be immigration and border security. The federal government has consistently shot down any attempt by Texans to fix the problem of illegal immigration by claiming it falls under the US government’s totalitarian umbrella. The federal government fails to allocate resources to protect the border and even […]

Will college sports teams still be able to play in the NCAA?

Since Texas schools are already eligible to compete in the NCAA, there should be no change. Not being a state in the United States should pose no obstacle. In 2010, Simon Fraser University in Canada joined the NCAA showing that choosing not to be ruled by federal bureaucrats poses no obstacle to participation in collegiate […]

What would happen to our public universities and their athletic conferences?

Universities would continue to function as normal, the only difference is they would be classified as “international” with respect to universities within the US. Athletic conferences on the college level would continue to operate as normal. For example, Texas’ college football teams are already accepted into the NCAA, therefore once Texas withdraws from the union […]

Will Texas professional sports teams still play in their respective leagues?

An unusually common question is whether Texas professional sports teams will still play in their respective leagues. Major League Baseball already allows non-U.S. teams with the Toronto Blue Jays, the National Hockey League does it with teams in both Canada and the United States, and the National Football League has recently discussed expanding into Mexico […]

What will happen immediately after a TEXIT vote?

Parties and celebrating. Lots of celebrating. Beyond that, we have to begin the process of operating as an independent, self-governing nation. Contrary to the doomsday predictions of those who oppose Texit, in the immediate aftermath of an affirmative Texas independence vote, things continue as they have until they don’t. The mail gets delivered. The trash […]

What if my spouse isn’t a natural-born Texan?

While laws regarding this topic within Texas are not yet in place, the law will likely match the US laws on the topic. Those being that a US citizen cannot lose their citizenship simply for living in another country. Spouses make matters a little more tricky. While there is no question that a Texan citizen […]

What could replace Social Security in an independent Texas?

Although those currently receiving Social Security payments would continue to do so in an independent Texas, the question becomes one of what a replacement system could look like in an independent Texas. Fortunately, Texas is already leading the way with concrete examples of what a Social Security replacement could look like. Three counties in Texas […]

Is TEXIT unconstitutional?

There is no prohibition in the United States Constitution that forbids any state from exiting the union. The Constitution of the United States actually defines the specific acts States are forbidden from committing in Article 1, Section 10. Nowhere in the remainder of the Constitution is the issue of a State leaving the Union explicitly […]

Is TEXIT the same as overthrowing the government?

There is a federal statute in Title 18 of the U.S. Code that outlaws attempts to do that very thing. In its entirety, it reads: “Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any […]

Is Texas too integrated with the United States to TEXIT?

It is true that Texas is highly integrated with the United States. However, these political and economic ties are not so tight or intricately interwoven that it would be impossible to untangle them. In many instances, it would not be necessary to untangle them at all. There is no part of the relationship between Texas […]