What will happen immediately after a TEXIT vote?

Parties and celebrating. Lots of celebrating. Beyond that, we have to begin the process of operating as an independent, self-governing nation.

Contrary to the doomsday predictions of those who oppose Texit, in the immediate aftermath of an affirmative Texas independence vote, things continue as they have until they don’t. The mail gets delivered. The trash gets picked up. Goods flow. Money is earned and spent. Literally, nothing changes until it does.

While this may be a surprise to some, their surprise stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the independence process. Independence is not a single act embodied in a referendum. Independence is a state of being. The referendum is the first step in the process, an expression of political will that kicks off the process of becoming independent. It is, however, an important step. Such an expression of political will must be respected. It demands action. However, that action must be balanced with care and caution as Texas enters the next phase―negotiation and transition.

There should be one single aim for relations with the United States in the immediate aftermath of Texit―minimizing disruption. While those opposed to Texit would love to think that disruption cannot be avoided or even mitigated as Texas leaves the Union, they are dead wrong. In fact, the tools necessary to effect a speedy, efficient, and minimally disruptive Texit are already at our disposal.

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