If Texas was currently an independent self-governing nation, would you vote to join the union?

If you wouldn't vote to join, then why would you stay?

Why Texans Want Independence

Texans, it's time to TEXIT.

TEXIT is the term used to refer to Texas exiting the union and becoming an independent, self-governing nation.  TEXIT is not Texas independence. Rather, TEXIT is the process that gets Texas to independence. TEXIT means that Texans determine our own laws and not 2.5 million unelected bureaucrats in Washington. It means that we get a government that begins and ends at the borders of Texas. It means an end to the giant sucking sound of $103-$160 billion dollars per year being siphoned from the pockets of Texas taxpayers. Most importantly, it means that for the first time in our lives we control our own destiny.


Make TEXIT Happen

Question About TEXIT?

Can Texas actually leave the union?

Those opposed to seeing Texans govern themselves would like you to think that getting a vote on TEXIT is illegal or unconstitutional. Learn the truth.

What does it take for us to TEXIT?

There is only one thing that is required for us to TEXIT – a vote by the people of Texas. Find out how that vote can happen and what that vote will look like.

Ready to make Texas free and independent once again?

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