Which legislators support TEXIT?

While many express their support behind closed doors and a few have expressed public support for having a vote on the issue, only one has stepped forward to actually try to file the Texas Independence Referendum Act. State Representative James White attempted to file the TNM’s proposed legislation in 2013. The best way for you […]

What will the requirements be for citizenship?

This is more so a question for the Texas Legislature following a referendum vote. However, the requirements will likely mirror many of the requirements to be a citizen of any other self-governing independent nation. Of course, Texans who are already legally living within the state when it becomes independent will automatically gain Texas citizenship.

What will it take to win a TEXIT vote?

The current threshold to win any vote in Texas is a simple majority of those who vote. While there are examples of greater thresholds around the world related to political separation, such as the imposition by the Canadian Supreme Court of an arbitrary 55 percent threshold for Quebec to exit, there is no similar precedent […]

What will happen to people who rely on Medicare after TEXIT?

Medicare is an incredibly important issue for many Texans who support Texas independence. We will not abandon Texans who rely on these kinds of services as the whole point of independence is to help Texans whose needs and values have been abandoned by the federal system. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services […]

Will we have to buy our electricity from the U.S. after TEXIT?

The short answer is an emphatic “NO”. Here’s what you need to know. Texas both produces and consumes more electricity than any other state. Texas’ abundant natural resources, including natural gas, coal and wind, are readily available to fuel our power plants. Texas is the only one of the contiguous 48 states with its own […]

Will the federal government use military force to stop TEXIT?

One cannot reasonably assume that the policy of the federal government from the mid-19th century would be the policy of the federal government two decades into the 21st. There is no current federal policy regarding a State leaving the Union. However, there is current federal policy regarding states and territories leaving currently established political and […]

Will Texas have to pay back a portion of the national debt?

When it comes to the national debt, there is no softening the blow. When Texas leaves, it will have to take its share of the national debt with it. If the negotiations regarding the military win the prize for taking the most, the negotiations over the national debt will win the prize for being the […]

Will Texas have its own team in the Olympics?

Absolutely. In fact, Texas will likely be one of the strongest competitors in the Olympics. If you look at the performance of Texas athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics and compare it with the performance of all other countries, only two other countries outperformed Texas athletes in gold medals – the United States and Great […]

Will Texas be able to fund the government after TEXIT?

Simple arithmetic proves the ability of an independent Texas to fund a government at the same level that Texans are currently accustomed to if that’s what Texans want. Texans currently pay, in all, federal and state taxes an average of $336 billion per year. This represents the total amount of revenue readily available to an […]

Will Texas be divided into states after TEXIT?

Texas will not be divided into separate states as a result of Texit. Texas is a unitary nation-state and, as such, does not need to be divided. This question often comes from the misconception that the 50 states of the United States are collectively a unitary nation-state. It isn’t. It’s a political union of 50 […]