Will illegal immigrants be offered amnesty after TEXIT?

One of the biggest concerns for Texans continues to be immigration and border security. The federal government has consistently shot down any attempt by Texans to fix the problem of illegal immigration by claiming it falls under the US government’s totalitarian umbrella. The federal government fails to allocate resources to protect the border and even incentivizes illegal immigration by forcing states like Texas to provide public services without regard to immigration status.

Texans are not opposed to immigration but are opposed to the way the feds handle immigration policy. The most important statistic to look at is the amount of money illegal immigration costs taxpayers. Texas’ taxpayers are burdened by some of the highest illegal immigration costs, accounting for nearly $12 billion annually. It will be up to the legislative body, but it is highly unlikely illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty as that would incentivize more illegal immigrants to enter Texas.

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