How do we start the TEXIT process?

The entire issue will literally come down to a question, two choices, and the decision made by the people of Texas. In reality, it’s not the vote that’s exciting; instead, it’s what comes before and after the vote.

There is one fundamental and immutable truth about the Texit process. Where there is a legal path to Texit, it must be followed. There are no secret processes or hidden clauses in the old documents that can be used. There are no shortcuts. It boils down to what laws and processes are on the books right now and how they can be applied to resolving the issue of Texas independence. That means it absolutely, at a minimum, must culminate in a free and fair vote of the people of Texas―a referendum.

The current Texas Constitution, while not explicitly establishing a framework for referenda, definitely reserves the right to make fundamental changes to how Texas is governed exclusively to the people. Article 1 Section 2 lays the right and responsibility squarely at the feet of the people of Texas to make fundamental changes in governance.

In every example cited in this work where a Western-style democratic society has achieved independence, the people, in their capacity as a body politic, have had the final say on their political destiny. In every instance, the very act of a referendum has clarified the political realities, pitting the people who want their voices heard against a political class who believe that they are, in fact, the ruling class in a de facto oligarchy. The very process of even attempting to obtain a referendum makes clear those battle lines and, more specifically, the people and institutions on each side. Those who oppose even having a referendum are, in reality, opposing the foundational principles of Texas and the United States, the people, and the democratic cornerstone of Western civilization. In short, anyone opposed to having a referendum on the issue of self-government is un-Texan and un-American.

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